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Average Hot Tub Temperature

Make the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature

To get the benefits of hot tub spas, we need to consider the proper hot tub temperature. Furthermore, research show that high water temperature can damage our body. Water temperatures over 110ºF have caused a number of deaths. The ideal hot tub temperature have range about 990 to 1040.

Make sure your spa is set to the correct temperature. The wrong temperature can be dangerous. This spa warning comes from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), these high temperatures can endanger your health says. Therefore, 104 degrees Fahrenheit for the maximum temperature is recommended.

It is generally accepted that warm hot tub themperatures can cure body from sick. In Japan, for example, temperatures hot tub can reach to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The CPSC found that water temperatures may be higher than normal body temperature can make people drowsy.

The risk of drowning increases with the consumption of alcoholic beverages before or while soaking in a hot bath. Very high temperatures should be avoided during pregnancy because they harm the fetus. Overweight people should also avoid high temperatures, because obesity is usually associated with high blood pressure.

High Hot Tub Temperature Risks

The hot water is increased body temperature and therefore the blood pressure, which can lead to heat stroke and death. The report went further and advised 104 degrees Fahrenheit as the maximum temperature allowable for a hot tub. Soon thereafter, Underwriters Laboratory revised their rules regarding saunas and spas. They mandated that any manufacturer of these types of devices that wished to display the Underwriters Laboratory label could not have a temperature control on their hot tub which exceeded a temperature greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, in the US, unless you're using an ancient hot tub or one without a Underwriters Laboratory label, the hot tub temperature is probably safe enough to use without fear of decreasing your sperm counts. There are still some countries, however, where you will find hot tubs allowing temperatures far exceeding the 104 degrees Fahrenheit limit.

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